Rough Ashlar Lodge Morality

Morality is one or our Masonic tenets.

Morality sounds like a pretty serious word doesn’t it? All it really means however, is knowing the difference between right and wrong…and choosing to do what is right. This is what we teach in our Masonic rituals and lectures. This is the basis of Masonic education.

At Rough Ashlar Lodge we have good solid men with good morals, so why should we worry about morality? Our members have good morals, don’t they? Of course they do, but when a good man becomes a Mason, Masonic education helps that good man to draw out the solid values he already possesses. Masonic education helps him build his character.

If we were to think of Freemasonry as a business with a product to sell, Masonic education would be our “product differentiation”, it is what makes us different from other groups, clubs and organizations.

Over the years our Masonic scholars have created beautiful and meaningful degrees, rituals and lectures to help educate Masons and especially to help teach moral lessons. Masonry is often called a “System of Morality” which means a way of living our lives according to good morals. Our moral teachings and lessons are what bind Masons together into that indissoluble band.

The beauty of our Masonic teachings is that we can never completely unfold their beauties. The meanings of our teachings are unique to each brother. By engaging in Masonic discussions with our brothers we make ourselves better men.

Here at Rough Ashlar Lodge we have struggled a bit with our memory work and frankly, we don’t really understand a lot of what is in our ritual. Some of the words are odd, and we’ve found some of the lectures to be long and boring. We have made up our mind to start taking little bites of Masonic Education and digging into it.

At Rough Ashlar Lodge we have made a great discovery! The Masonic Study series addresses some of the problems we have had with Masonic education. The study series has nice, short articles that explain a chunk of our ritual without being so overwhelming. The study series also includes discussion questions to get us going and start our discussions out. We have found that once our guys are actually involved in the discussion they aren’t bored but actually get excited about digging deeper into our Masonic teachings and most importantly finding out how these teachings can make a difference in their daily lives.

We have been following the Masonic Study Series on the Grand Lodge website but really were happy to see that the first year’s articles are now available on the Grand Lodge Square Store in a printed volume. We’ll be ordering a few hard copies and adding Masonic discussions to more of our meetings.

It’s the right thing to do!


Donald W. Hensiak

Grand Master